The Firm

We do it different

The firm has identified shortcomings in the accounting environment and successfully incorporated a digital cloud information system.   In these uncertain financial times and volatile economic markets made worse by external factors like the COVID-19 virus in 2020, businesses must be able to have access to their performance and make daily operational decisions based on concrete information and advise.

Furthermore the dependence of finance and loans for businesses in these times and communication to banks and other financiers critical.  Clients must be able to submit applications and know that they are in good standing with credit bureaus and the SA Revenue Service.  Time is of the essence and clients can not wait weeks for a mere management statement to submit.

Our firm process is to import information daily through bank feeds, give monthly managements statements and cash flows and negotiate with banks and financiers on behalf of clients, with ready available reports.   Due to the strict processing structure and checking client’s good standing status, we can issue annual financial statements just after year end, as we keep all the information live and communicate with clients on monthly basis.

We adapt to your financial information needs and consult on various other legislative statutory matters that will impact your business and your personal wealth.

Our firm is registered with the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA).

SAICA is the foremost accountancy body in South Africa and one of the leading Institutes in the world.