• Our clients get a login and password to their financial and other information.  This enable our clients to have access to all documents we submit to file and files stored on client’s request.
  • We notify our clients with changes on their file in real time and then available to use for client’s purposes.
  • The file contains all relevant work we do for client and previous years accounting and legal documents.


  • Quotes and pricing is evaluated per case.
  • We have a baseline pricing module for most functions, but always communicate to clients any work in scope of request and pricing involved.
  • As we perform many functions in scope of accounting framework and other functions, we always receive queries that is technical in nature and complex, so we have to quote on a case to case basis.


  • Please refer to our services page.
  • As we are engaged in various services, we pride ourselves to also attend to more complex requests from clients, that may not be mentioned on our services page.
  • Please contact us with your queries and we will steer you in the right direction.   We also work with partners within legal, insurance and other related services, to give our clients comprehensive peace of mind.


  • After the quote is accepted, we start working on the request as soon as possible.
  • We usually plan our time to accept in any forms of work.
  • The initial consultation usually gives us a clear indication of the scope and the time the case could take.  We however communicate to clients on a regular basis to ensure clear communication and progress made.


  • We do various applications Nationally and Provincially for grants.  If the client has existing auditor or accountant, we work with this person or firm to get a result.
  • The applications is particularly complex and protracted process, therefor we discuss how the client and we can engage this simultaneously.
  • We also do structure planning for future endeavors.


  • With our first consultation, we first establish the need for a legal will and when last a financial broker has evaluated the client’s needs.
  • We draft wills, with first calculating the the estate.  We will work with your broker and communicate the needs to make provision for untimely event of death and taxes.
  • We also work with various partners to make sure there are no unexpected costs and the client will have peace of mind.   We also evaluate above-mentioned on a regular basis.